When considering platform options, many merchants will weigh important must-have features like shipping, checkout, and available integrations. But marketing tools can be just as important to consider. Once your new site is built and operations are running smoothly, your attention will likely turn towards growing the business. And how can you do that without the right marketing tools?


Magento’s Marketing Tools Include:


  •      Tools for Social Selling and Advertising – with the Magento Social extension merchants are able to create a direct connection from social pages to their eCommerce store.


Key Features of the extension include:

  •      Streamlined Social Store Creation
  •      Magento Digital Commerce Product Catalog Extraction
  •      Simplified Ad Creation
  •      Intelligent Ad Optimization
  •      Simplified Third-Party Content Integration


  • Promotions Tools – Magento’s backend makes it easy to create and run promotions. This includes Catalog and Cart Price Rules as well as promotions that are designated to run only at certain times, under certain conditions. Additionally, the Magento staging environment makes it easy to schedule those changes and go about your day without babysitting your site to make changes.
  • SEO Friendly URLs – This feature is as simple as it sounds. Merchants have the ability to create custom URLs, giving them ultimate control over what is displayed on the site and ultimately crawled by Google. We all know there’s no better marketing tool than good healthy site SEO.
  • Customer Segmentation – This feature allows merchants to group their overall audience into different segments so they can tailor marketing efforts and shopping experiences. Magento’s advanced segmentation tool even allows the ability to segment customers based on criteria such as location and buying patterns. With more targeted marketing efforts, marketing dollars go further.
  • Analytics – With the release of 2.2.2 Advanced Reporting is now available in the Magento back end with 20 reports included for Products, Orders and Customers. The tool is automatically enabled and easily configured. Advanced reporting (as well as MBI Essentials and MBI Pro) are the perfect way to decide how best to allocate those marketing dollars.
  • Integrated Dotmailer Capabilities – As we discussed in a recent blog about the release of Magento 2.2.2, Magento Commerce is now offering dotmailer marketing automation with their core product. This new functionality creates opportunities for enhanced communication between merchants and customers.


Supported Email Marketing Automation Programs Include:

  • Replenishment
  • Retargeting
  • Re-engagement
  • Transactional Emails
  • Welcome Programs
  • Nurture Series
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Abandoned Browse
  • Feedback & reviews
  • Solus Campaigns
  • Monthly Newsletters

And much much more!


This list is just a handful of ways you can use the Magento platform to grow your business. To learn more about using Magento to build your brand, call us at 888-429-4803 or email us at info@eystudios.com.