Happy December! Hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones.

For the past few years, I’ve been unwilling to travel for Thanksgiving because we’re pretty much “on call” for our clients on Black Friday weekend. This year, I was able to get away and return to my home state of Mississippi for a very nice (and fairly quick) Thanksgiving with my family. There were no incidents reported, and it was a great break.

While we were in Mississippi, we drove by my hometown of Starkville. My son had never seen where I’d grown up, and we drove by the old EYStudios locations (both the small rental house where we started, and our first office!).

When I say “drove by,” It was a little like this scene from “Vacation” (minus the scenery):

That’s the way we have to do with the past, both personally and professionally.

It’s easy for us as business owners to become controlled by mistakes, missed opportunities and outright failures from the past. On the flipside, we can become equally obsessed by the “good old days” of past success.

Good or bad, it’s done with. We can be inspired by it, regret it, learn from it, but we have to quickly adapt and move on.

One thing is certain: Customers don’t care about our past. They couldn’t care less about what stresses we’re currently under—and why should they?

Our customers only care about one thing related to our brand: “How are you impacting my life today?”

If our brand is not making regular and meaningful impacts on our customers, we risk irrelevancy and outright disengagement. This leaves us wide-open for competitors who care more, work harder, and execute with more precision. If we’re not investing into an all-encompassing experience that meets our customers’ needs, our brand will suffer.

The good news is this: Success always starts with the proper mindset.

As we close out 2019 and gear up for 2020, let’s not fall into the trap of woulda-coulda-shoulda’s. Let’s give the past its due by learning from it, but our focus should squarely be on our customers. Every day, we should get up and brainstorm ways to be better—not just for ourselves, but for them.

Because without our customers, we don’t have anything. Brands succeed when customers give emotional buy-in to our direct investment into them.

Coming off Thanksgiving, I can speak for our entire team at EYStudios by saying “thank you” to our clients—both old and new. It’s truly an honor to serve you. We celebrated 15 years of being in business in 2019, but that’s just a marker on the past. We’re excited about what the future holds and coming up with new ways to deliver value to your business.

We hope you all have a great December and a terrific holiday season. See you in 2020!