The calendar hasn’t even hit Halloween and yet the Christmas decorations are already out in stores. No surprise there, but it can serve as a loud wake up call that you need to get your holiday plans in order. It might be a little late in the game to put together an elaborate multi-point plan. However, even if you have waited this long, there are still things you can do to strengthen your efforts in time for the big rush.

In this blog, we have put together a list of a few actionable items that you still have time to execute:

1. Create a central landing page that houses your best holiday deals.

Although offering a blanket discount that applies to the entire site can work in certain instances, it can also limit exposure to more specific product promotions. Developing a landing page is great for offering individual product deals or being more of a “holiday hub” for multiple deal categories. This allows you as a merchant to laser-focus your efforts in an effective way that connects with buyers.

Customer attention spans during the holidays are extremely limited, and multiple companies are competing for that focus. Although some customers will still browse a large portion of your store, many others just want to quickly get in and out with a great deal. Creating specific and easy-to-follow promotions helps lead customers to those deals in a way that’s rewarding and fun.

If you end up creating a landing page for your holiday deals, be sure to promote this at the top of your website. That way, no matter what page the customer enters on, they see the promotion and can click right to it. You can drive more visual interest from your homepage, but don’t count on it as the only means of promotion.

2. Inform customers of critical holiday shipping dates.

Capitalizing on customers’ inherent need to hustle their way through last-minute purchasing is key to successful holiday marketing. Nothing hammers home this point more than reminding them of very real deadlines associated with shipping products on time. In order to do this, you’ll need to make sure these important dates are displayed on and off your website.

For off-site promotions such as newsletters or social media graphics, we recommend punctuating your marketing with blurbs that mention holiday shipping deadlines. For example, you might include something short and sweet like “Today’s the last day for regular ground shipping!” This creates an automatic sense of urgency around customers that would rather not pay more for expedited shipping.

On the site, we recommend placing versions of these shipping dates in the following places:

  • On the homepage, as a smaller graphic that links to a page with more info.
  • On your shipping page, which can have a larger version with details.
  • On your product page, underneath the add-to-cart area to heighten urgency
  • On your checkout area, which keeps this top of mind for customers completing a purchase.

3. Include package inserts to retain customer interest during and after the holidays

Once a customer receives the products they ordered from you online, the experience shifts from virtual to tactile. This enables you to also include physical, printed promotions that drive interest in a way you’re not able to do online. From a customized gift card to a simple printed discount code, you’re able to put these promotions directly into your customers’ hands.

On an emotional level, this also sends more of a “we care about you” message than just throwing the product in a box and shipping it out. The strategy needs to be more about retaining the customer for future purchases than just fulfilling your current obligation to them. Emotions are already running high during the holidays, and this is a great opportunity for your creativity to shine. Customers will appreciate the added value and the fact you’re investing into their experience with your brand.

4. Holiday Promotions Don’t Have to be Discount, Discount, Discount or Sale, Sale, Sale!

This is one of the most common misconceptions about Holiday Promotions as a whole. Continuing a point made earlier, remember, your promotions can be centered around featuring your best-selling products or your remaining clearance items, and don’t have to simply be a site-wide discount.

Another option is to offer a free gift or product/accessory for either purchasing a specific product, a set of products, or by reaching a certain threshold in your cart. This can be an easy way to expedite the movement of products you are looking to get out of your inventory while also providing an added incentive to the customer to increase their order value.

The ultimate goal of ALL Holiday Promotions is to sell products and make money. And you don’t have to risk the profits of your entire site to make this happen.

5. Keep your site updated with new and fresh content throughout the Holiday Season.

Regardless of what your strategy is in the coming months, keeping your site up to date is something that all businesses should do during the Holiday Season! You want to have new and fresh content that helps to get the visitors and consumers in the Holiday Spirit and keeps them coming back. Even if its just swapping out images or a single featured product, it gives customers the perception that you are actively engaged and reminds them that there is a reason to return to your site.

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