Hope you guys are having a busy and productive 4th Quarter!

October has flown by, and EYStudios is helping our clients maximize their holiday efforts. If you need some last-minute merchandising tips to make your sales a little more merry, check out our new blog post here.

One of the highlights of October was EYStudios being selected as BigCommerce’s 2019 Agency Partner of the Year. Our Marketing Director, Sean Callihan, and I went out there to discuss some exciting plans for 2020, and it was great coming home with the award. Seeing the reaction from our team here at this week’s company meeting was extremely gratifying. They work really hard at what they do, so it’s always nice to get further recognition. Very proud of our folks here!

Did you know that EYStudios is the only agency in the world that has made Partner of the Year for both BigCommerce as well as Magento? With literally thousands of agencies working on both platforms, our team is humbled by this sort of recognition. This type of honor only inspires us to work harder and become better. We are nowhere near being a perfect company, but we have a passionate commitment to our people and our clients.

On the Magento front, we have several high-profile launches happening over the next few months. There are a lot of exciting developments happening over at Adobe, and I’m particularly tuned into the newly-announced Adobe Commercial Business unit. Headed by Gary Specter (who I enjoy drawing caricatures of at every year’s Imagine conference), it will be attuned to the needs of growing mid-market merchants.

I’m also glad that Magento is issuing an Early Access Program in January for Adobe Sensei, which will incorporate their AI / machine learning technology directly into the platform. Magento announced the integration earlier this year at Imagine, and I’ve been tracking that closely. This has “game changer” written all over it.

For more Magento-related announcements made at the recent Magento Live Europe convention, check out this link.

We feel very fortunate to be partners with both BigCommerce and Magento. Evaluating their respective platforms, they could not be more different. We get questions from merchants daily about which platform is the “best one.” The answer is that there is no “perfect platform.” If there were, they’d have all of the business. It really comes down to the required user experience, functionality requirements, budget, and what your company culture can and can’t handle.

We also talk to merchants who are gung-ho about fill-in-the-blank platform without doing a lot of homework about what’s actually required going forward. This typically results in a business having to retrofit their strategies to that platform, which is exactly the opposite of what you’re supposed to do. The platform needs to work for you, not you for it.

EYStudios is rolling out a series of materials that offers a nitty-gritty approach on evaluating eCommerce platforms. There’s a lot of salesy fluff out there, and we want to cut past all of that to offer up some topics to seriously consider before making the big jump.

For everyone else that’s happy with their eCommerce home, it’s all about making sure that you’re getting the most out of it. It’s critical to remain updated on how your platform is staying ahead of the curve, as well as how it compares with what’s happening overall in the eCommerce landscape. Adaptation is the name of the game, whether you’re a platform, service provider, or merchant.

Although the holidays are on all of our minds, every merchant we talk to is geared up around making 2020 a fantastic year.

2019 has seen a lot of dizzying change. Usability best-practices are shifting based on a consumer base whose requirements continue to evolve. These same user-demands are at the core of new technology innovations that are drastically altering eCommerce navigation and merchandising. For the EYStudios team, this is what’s fun about being in this industry—as well as what keeps us on our toes!

That’s it for my thoughts this month—see you next time!