In August, EYStudios celebrated 16 years of being in business. Many of our current clients may not realize this, but EYStudios started out exclusively designing storefronts for Yahoo! Stores.

Thanks to the support of Yahoo!, EYStudios went from a nothing company into one of their top partners in only a few years time. Back then, before many of today’s ecommerce platforms even started, Yahoo! Stores were THE destination for e-commerce. Flash forward to today, and many merchants have never even heard of the platform.

Due to years of bad corporate policies and a myriad of musical-chair leadership changes, Yahoo! Stores began to stagnate and then fall behind the rapidly evolving ecommerce landscape. New merchants were not being added, and it seemed like the entire strategy was about retaining existing merchants at all costs. This was not a business model that I could get behind, and so I made the very difficult decision for EYStudios to exit our Yahoo! partnership.

When I did that, there was a part of me that was hoping I was being too rash—that Verizon buying Yahoo! would turn it all around. Maybe the much-needed technological advancements would finally take place, and it would begin attracting new merchants. It never did.

If I had not made that call, I can confidently state EYStudios would be out of business. I am a big believer that the businesses that don’t adapt—die. That’s what EYStudios did—we successfully adapted to ecommerce platforms like BigCommerce and Magento, becoming Partner of the Year for both brands.

Yahoo! has been dying a slow death for years, starting with a “brain drain” of some of their best and brightest talent, followed by a consistent exodus of merchants that have had enough. Other Yahoo! technology partners followed our lead and began investing elsewhere. The good news is that many of these good folks found better homes, notably at BigCommerce.

EYStudios has successfully migrated quite a few merchants off of Yahoo! onto BigCommerce, which seems to be the best fit for most that we encounter. Hardly a month goes by where we don’t hear from a merchant who calls and tells us, “I have to get off Yahoo!” Lately, it’s gone from a steady trickle to a torrent of re-platform urgency.

We’ve done it so much now that we have the process down to a science. We’ve figured out everything, from migrating your data to enhancing your user experience through the use of new programming tools and design best-practices. With budget-friendly offerings like our new IGNITE package, it’s never been easier to find a new home on BigCommerce.

I am eternally thankful for my time with Yahoo!, but ultimately it is a platform of the past. All of us, Yahoo! included, have a responsibility to do what is best for you—the merchant. If “best” can no longer be achieved, it’s time to consider other options. We can present those to you.

P.S. Did you know that EYStudios is the current BigCommerce Partner of the Year? We know what we’re doing and can get you fixed up!