Eric Yonge, CEO EYStudios, and Dan Rotem, CEO of KingWebmaster, LLC, have announced a joint-partnership focusing on securely moving e-commerce merchants from the Yahoo! Store platform to BigCommerce. With years of experience on both platforms, EYStudios and KingWebmaster have the ability to cover all technical aspects related to a merchant exchanging Yahoo! for BigCommerce. The two companies are offering a series of special offers to further incentivize a move.

Over the years, the Yahoo! Store platform has fallen far behind modern-day e-commerce platform standards. This has disenfranchised hundreds of Yahoo! Merchants that are in search of a long-term, stable home for their online endeavors. As one of the world’s leading SaaS (software as a service) platforms, BigCommerce is a natural fit for these store-owners. 

“Dan and I met each other over 15 years ago as we worked on the Yahoo! platform together,” said Eric Yonge. “Unfortunately, the platform has not progressed very much in all those years since. As quickly as technology changes, this has unfortunately rendered Yahoo! an antiquated solution for many of their merchants.”

 “Eric and EYStudios made the leap from Yahoo! to BigCommerce several years ago, and it turns out that was a wise move,” said Dan Rotem. “We are making a similar move with KingWebmaster because we believe that BigCommerce represents a more long-term solution. From a technical, cultural and financial perspective, this is a no-brainer for Yahoo! merchants.” 

Combined with special exclusive discounts offered by BigCommerce, these partner deals present a low-cost, comprehensive solution for merchants considering moving shop. 

Located in Georgia, EYStudios is an e-commerce brand agency that focuses on marketing and development services for small and medium-sized businesses. Selected as the 2019 BigCommerce “Partner of the Year,” EYStudios is an Elite-level partner with that platform. 

Based in Florida, KingWebmaster is a software development company, established in 2004.  Dedicated to helping eCommerce businesses grow their online stores, the company is offering a range of apps geared to assist with accurate shipping rates, inventory control, online promotions and many custom solutions.  KingWebmaster is a preferred tech partner with BigCommerce, with over 6,000 merchants using their apps across the different platforms they support.