As we’re all well into the start of the second half of 2020, a focus on closing the year strongly is on the minds of many merchants I’ve talked to. Given the tumultuous events of the first half of the year, retailers are intently looking to make up ground that has been lost. Still, others are looking past 2020 entirely and focusing on the year ahead. EYStudios is already booking work for Summer 2021!

Keeping the focus on what to prioritize for the remainder of 2020, it’s important to chart remaining milestone events. E-commerce sales are all about emotion. Benefitting from the built-in feelings associated with holidays and other seasons will help your brand stay fresh and relevant. Below, we’ve put together a list to remind you of major dates that you should consider for your 2020 marketing calendar.

Back to School 

Expected to generate over $80B in sales, the Back to School rush is bigger than Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day combined. The past few months have seen a seismic shift in terms of how people see and experience education, and savvy e-commerce merchants can capitalize on that opportunity. Better hurry, though—many Back to School shoppers start weeks in advance of when class is back in session (as in, right now!)


With so much fear circulating throughout the world today, many people will most likely use Halloween as a way to inject some fun into the kind of fright they can actually enjoy. Halloween presents a great opportunity to conjure up some spooky charm for your marketing graphics. Capping off the first month of the last quarter, Halloween sets the stage for your brand to offer lots of branded fun through the end of the year.

Veteran’s Day

Occurring on November 11, the country will have voted on the presidential election. Although America is divided down political lines, almost everyone can agree that we need to support our Veterans. If you missed out on the patriotic emotions surrounding July 4, this is an opportunity for your brand to put meaningful messaging around supporting Veterans.


Because of all we’ve experienced in the past year, Thanksgiving 2020 will have an extra-special meaning to many. Make sure your brand taps into the passion your customers have about your products—reminding them why they’re thankful to have you around. A sincere promotion that shows how thankful you are for your customer base will go a long way. Thankfulness all around!

Black Friday / Cyber Monday 

As we all know by now, Black Friday isn’t just a single day anymore—it’s an entire season. There is no such thing as waiting anymore, either. Big-box retailers and small businesses alike offer up early offers in the early weeks of November, priming the pump for the blowout deals to come. It’s critical to pace your marketing messaging across weeks, not days. Since nearly every business is competing for attention on airwaves and inboxes, making sure your marketing content is first-rate is an absolute requirement.

Did you spot one or more events that your business can seize upon? If so, don’t wait until the last minute. Take the time to craft something that resonates with your customer base. Doing so will pay dividends for your brand now and on into 2021.

Press on!

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