Deven Moore-Porter has over 15 years of consumer marketing experience. She specializes in digital marketing with a passion for email marketing. She truly enjoys finding ways to help consumers build connections with brands, products, and community by increasing engagement, conversions, and loyalty. Email marketing is one of the many ways to not only accomplish this, but to also build brand awareness. She has successfully executed numerous email marketing campaigns and has experience using multiple platforms such as Bronto, MailChimp, Hubspot and Springbot to name a few.


We sat down with her to talk about how her team is approaching email marketing for EYStudios.


Why is email marketing so important to a merchant’s business?

This platform allows you to speak directly to your consumers by connecting with them, allowing you to share knowledge, promote a sale, or simply just say “thank you for being a customer.” What do consumers want? To feel connected, build trusting relationships, and be given good customer service. If executed properly it rewards you with valuable brand loyalty.


What are some best practices when it comes to email marketing?

Some email marketing best practices to help you increase engagement, conversions, and build brand loyalty are:

  • Personalized Emails – Segmenting and building marketing campaigns which are based on each individual’s behavior.
  • To the Point – Keep your content short and direct, while providing why we as consumers should invest in your brand.
  • Building an Experience – Find visually creative ways to tell a story to keep your consumer engaged.

What are some things that a merchant should keep in mind when they are getting into email marketing?

Some things that I tell merchants to keep in mind are:

  • Quality over Quantity – Your goal as a merchant should be finding your loyal customers, not collecting a long list of emails. Finding that targeted audience and messaging takes time.
  • Not every email needs to convert – Yes, I know that is hard to hear as a merchant but remember your main goal using this platform should be to connect with your consumers by building trust. In the long run, if you treat them right they will remember you and when they are in need of something you specialize in, you want to be the first resource they think of.
  • Be thankful – Always give thanks to your consumers and remember they are what is keeping your lights on. Every day there is a new company opening their doors and another closing. Stay in the moment by being humble and taking the time to thank your customers by rewarding them with a discount, remembering their birthday, or reminding them that you care.

Why should a merchant trust EYStudios with email marketing?

EYStudios has a dedicated team of talented and experienced individuals who truly care about the success of their clients. They take the time to look at each campaign through the end users’ eyes. EYStudios invests in their customers by taking the time to not only get to know them, but also helping build their brand with a holistic strategic approach.


How does EYStudios analyze and optimize email marketing campaigns in order to achieve the goals and business objectives of the merchant

Building a holistic Digital Marketing plan with each client’s company goals at the forefront, and continuously watching the consumers behaviors, allows us to make timely and effective changes to best optimize the consumer’s interaction.


How does EYStudios help the merchant create a competitive advantage by utilizing email marketing?

Some of the strategies and tactics that EYStudios uses are:

  • Testing – A/B Testing & internal test groups
  • Collaboration – EY’s team works very closely with one another and our clients to ensure that we are hitting all objectives and goals
  • Full scope Digital Marketing planning
  • Data and analytic review

For more information about Email Marketing and EYStudios, call us at 678-402-6378 or email