Happy New Year from the entire EYStudios team!

The beginning of the year is always special to me. January 1st is my wedding anniversary (I picked a date that I wouldn’t forget!), and we are in Hilton Head, SC to celebrate. I’m writing this blog on the beach!

Here’s the sunrise pic from this morning I’ll share with you:

This time gives me a chance to reflect and gear up for the weeks and months ahead. When I think about what’s coming, it’s hard for me not to smile. There are definitely some big challenges, but I’m fortunate to work alongside a very creative and committed team to help me with those.

One of the things that’s on my heart right now is to not allow the disappointments, mistakes, and missed opportunities of the past cloud the present and future. Perhaps you can relate. There is a lot of fortune laid out in front of us, but we can miss all of it if our attention is focused on the past.

It’s time to get excited! Remember, your customers need your enthusiasm. Buying is an emotional process, and it starts with your emotions. I’ve met a lot of very smart people in eCommerce, but only a portion of them are truly energized by what they do.

I’m determined to never let anyone outpace me when it comes to passion. And let’s be clear: passion is not the same as “enjoyment,” although it can include that. Passion sticks to it even when you’re going through the muck and mire and there’s not a lot of “fun” to enjoy.

If you’re not geared up, that will result in uninspired strategies and detached execution. That opens the door for the competition to eat your lunch and pop the bag! So just remember: your brand is not about you. It’s about— and determined by— your customers.

One of the things I’m super excited about is our brand-new site review webinar series with BigCommerce called: “The BIG Review”!

The BIG Review features personalities from EYStudios (including yours truly) and BigCommerce, offering expert usability insight on improving merchant storefronts. When was the last time you saw something like that? You haven’t!

One of the reasons we love working with BigCommerce is the people behind the platform. You’re going to meet them while learning some really cool things about developing eCommerce experiences. Join us on January 28 at 1 PM EST – and consider submitting YOUR site for review!

Click this link for more info! You can see how excited I am about it in the video!

In closing, I just want to say our team is honored to interact with you. Let’s work together to make 2020 an amazingly impactful year for both you and your customers.

Press on!