In a recent blog about the Customer Life Cycle, we touched on the concept of brand evangelism. The best brands out there have a strong social media presence that is filled with loud and proud followers. These followers interact with their favorite brands daily through their preferred social media channels, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or something else. But how do you turn follows, likes and retweets into dollars and cents? What if it was easier to sell directly through your social channels?

That’s exactly what Magento Social provides: a direct connection from your social page to your eCommerce site. The extension, which is made by Magento, provides easy-to-use social commerce functionality and is available for free to download from the Magento Marketplace.

Key Features of the extension include:

  • Streamlined Social Store Creation
  • Magento Digital Commerce Product Catalog Extraction
  • Simplified Ad Creation
  • Intelligent Ad Optimization
  • Simplified Third-Party Content Integration

Check out the extension and start monetizing your social media channels today.

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