According to a 2017 study by Artificial Solutions, 68% of people are already using a voice activated assistant. Of those, 40% use it on a daily basis. This group of people is already accustomed to not lifting a finger in order to ask questions, find out about the weather, and check sports stats. Now they’re able to do the same thing when they need paper towels, shampoo, or even shoes.

Devices like the Amazon Echo or Google Home are making shopping easier than ever. With just a few spoken words, you can avoid a trip to the store, or a trip across the living room to pick up your cell phone, tablet, or computer.

For Echo users, shopping with Alexa is as easy as having an Amazon Prime account. Alexa makes it simple to buy frequently purchased products with quick commands such as “Alexa, reorder dry shampoo.” Alexa will confirm the product and place the order. For the more indecisive shopper, who want to state things like “Alexa, buy shoes,” the device will respond with options to narrow the search. (Like a voice activated game of Guess Who?) These can include style, brand, variants, color, and size.

A couple perks of shopping with Alexa: you can use voice commands to check order status, ask “where’s my stuff?” for shipment tracking, and all orders placed with Alexa are automatically eligible for free returns. Not to mention the Alexa-exclusive deals they run for holidays like Black Friday.

Google Home operates similarly in that you have to have shipping and payment options set up in the Google Home app, just like you do with your Amazon Prime membership.

This ease of use is creating serious customer loyalty. Amazon Prime Members are already devoted Amazon shoppers, but the ability to order groceries (or make a grocery list for later) while cooking, is taking this obsession to a new level.

Both devices offer users the option to add a product to your “Shopping List” and checkout later. Creating a list without finding a pen? Sign me up.

The 2017 Holiday shopping season could shape up to be easier than ever with assistant devices sitting in more than half of Americans’ homes.

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