Long-time EYStudios client, Bergeron Companies, was looking for a platform with more flexibility, scalability, and ease of management for their multiple stores; Keekaroo, Adaptive Mall, and Special Tomato. The companies focuses on designing innovative, safe, and useful products for children and families.

We began the replatforming process by building out Keekaroo.com, Bergeron Companies’ wholesale store, on Magento 2 Cloud. Magento 2 gives them the unique ability to share products among their three stores, all while managing the stores in one convenient admin panel.

Keekaroo’s site was last designed several years ago, and it was time for a complete overhaul. The brand is vibrant, youthful, and solutions oriented, and the site was not portraying that personality as well as it could. The team from Keekaroo loves that the new site tells a story and speaks to both of their two audiences: wholesalers coming to purchase product, and consumers coming to seek out information. From a branding perspective, it was important that the site reflect their modern, kid-friendly products.

The primary pain point with the previous site was the lack of Quick Order functionality for Keekaroo’s wholesale customers. The process of adding more than one quantity of any item was excruciating, and it was the first thing the EY team needed to address. With Magento 2.2 still several months away, and their unique ordering specifications, our team built a custom module to meet this pressing need.

Next steps for the Bergeron Companies brand is to build out their B2C site, AdaptiveMall.com, and their proprietary material site, Special Tomato.