Longtime EY client PressurTek came to EY late in 2017 looking to make the move to a more modern platform.

Owner Bob had two main goals in mind for replatforming his site:

  1. Create a design that would appeal to customers
  2. Get better cart functionality for shoppers  

Pressuretek worked with EYStudios to decide on BigCommerce as their new platform and so began the design, development and migration process.

From a design standpoint, the design itself didn’t actually change much from the one created by EYStudios during the last redesign in 2015, but it was refreshed.

From a functionality standpoint, the new site touts features such as:

  • The ability to change Mega Menu items in the admin which is a custom feature
  • Integration with Quick Spark for 3rd party financing
  • Integration with Yotpo for reviews

Not to mention the site will be overall easier to manage in BigCommerce’s user friendly admin.

Check out the new PressureTek.com today and view the before and afters below.

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