Fusion Teas originally came to EYStudios in 2013 for help with their 3dcart website. Five years later in the spring of 2018 they came back to us ready for a new platform and a new look.

The team at Fusion Teas felt like the current site had done its job but wasn’t inspiring purchases in consumers. An overarching goal was to emphasize the brand’s unique selling propositions of:

  • Helping others improve the health and happiness in life.
  • Helping others to connect with one another
  • High quality, great tasting, unique products

The new site design is cleaner and more organized, giving more weight to product information and beautiful product photography.

Starting on the homepage, users are met with an impactful hero image, bright colors and an engaging layout. When customers utilize the top level navigation to shop, they’ll see the dynamic mega menus who’s features image changes to match the highlighted product in the menu.


The section pages utilize a custom header design that features a description of that group of teas along with a picture.


The new item pages boast an easier-to-use layout that easily translates across tablets and mobile devices. In the description section, you’ll see custom iconography for the steeping instructions of each tea.


Check out the dramatic changes for yourself on our Fusion Teas in our Before & Afters portfolio.

Are you a tea drinker? Check out the new FusionTeas.com today and try some of their delicious teas for yourself.