How often are you in the act of purchasing something on your mobile device, only to be stopped dead in your tracks when you realize your credit card is across the room, house, office, car, etc.? How much more likely would you be to complete that transaction if the option exists to checkout with something like PayPal or ApplePay?

The fact is, the easier it is for your consumer to complete their purchase, the more likely they are to do so. We’ve narrowed down three improvements to make to your mobile checkout process to increase those conversions.

1. Offer Mobile Payment Methods

As a consumer (and avid online shopper) I am 100% more likely to complete a purchase from my phone when I am able to hit a few buttons and complete my transaction with PayPal, Apple Pay, Visa Pay, or any other option that doesn’t require me fishing for my credit card.

2. Minimize Unnecessary Fields

There is nothing worse than typing the same information over and over again on a mobile device. Even worse if you type it all in and then are informed there was an error and you must start over. Minimize the inconvenience of typing for your users by eliminating unnecessary fields. Create a checkbox for users to indicate that their billing and shipping addresses are the same.

3. Provide “Login” Alternatives

I tend to feel like I’ve won a small lottery when I see the option to “Login with Facebook.” It means the company I’m purchasing from will immediately get my name, phone number, possibly address, and email without me lifting a finger. By giving your customers options to login with social media, or even Amazon, your reputability score (and convenience factor) instantly increase.


Creating these small conveniences for your shoppers may not feel like a “make or break” impact on your store, but they can really add up to more mobile conversions. The next time you abandon a mobile cart or have to walk the dreaded walk to your wallet or handbag, keep these items in mind.

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