Part 3: OmniChannel Marketplace & Enhanced Discount Messages

Rahul Pruthi shared some updates to the OmniChannel Marketplace.

For Ebay, merchants are now able to utilize Multiple Shipping & Return Policies. This means that:

  • Business policies are shipping & return details you specify for buyers in your listings
  • Streamline new listing creation
  • Edit and update all your listing at once
  • Change your policies for multiple listings

Additionally, Shipping & Return policies will be able to be added or edited right from the BigCommerce back end.

Rahul also talked about the Hike POS tool and it’s ability to connect your offline and online sales. 

Capabilities that Rahul highlighted were:

  • Free integration with BC
  • Retail POS
  • iPad, PC and Mac-based
  • Product, Customer & Orders Syncing
  • Unified Inventory Views
  • Built in Support for Loyalty programs, multi store, payment gateway integrations, and international supports (AU, NZ, UK, CA, US and more)

For a full list of features, click here.

In our May Town Hall Recap: Part 2 of 4, we talked about the Buy Buttons that BigCommerce now offers, allowing shoppers to buy individual products from your blog, website, emails and beyond. This product offering is now even better, merchants can now track “Buy Button” performance in the BigCommerce back end. 

As far as Amazon goes, merchants now have the ability to list products with Variants. This feature is currently in Beta, but will be open to all merchants on July 6th.

Some specifics around the updated offering include:

  • For US Merchants selling on Amazon
  • For products that have size, color or size & color – named exactly like that
  • For currently supported categories

Please remember to keep reasonable expectations for beta. For set up and details, see the knowledge base article. 

Lastly, there is a new category launch coming on July 6th: Clothing & Apprarel! A few things to note, this does require approval from Amazon and Jewelry is not supported.

After Rahul finished up his piece, Jordan Sim shared updates to BigCommerce Enhanced Discount Messages.  Merchants can now create discount messages on all cart-level discount rules.  Additionally, you can customize the text and image content within these messages and target them on various storefront pages.

Merchants can use these discount messages to:

  • Inform
  • Up-sell
  • Congratulate

Roll-out on this feature has started  and will be available on all stores by July 2017. 

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