Part 2: eCommerce Insights & Analytics

Tracey Wallace, content strategist extraordinaire shared how BigCommerce would be re-introducing their new and improved eCommerce Analytics & Insights Tool.

Improvements to the tool include:

Data Accuracy – BigCommerce is careful to define: What is measured, How it is measured,  and How Often it is measured. This is because different systems measure data differently, therefore causing Google Analytics and your BigCommerce eCommerce Analytics to have data discrepancies.

User Interface Updates – Now users can see snapshots of top line metrics right on the dashboard, as well as a streamlined the insights overview.



What can you do with BigCommerce eCommerce Analytics & Insights ?

Rather than try to regurgitate all the awesome insights Tracey shared on the Town Hall, I found this blog with all the ways you can use the tools.


Some highlights include:

    • Build an RFM (Recency, Frequency and Monetary) Model
    • Powering a Personalized Customer Experience
    • Build High-Converting Product Pages
    • Get to Know Your Customer Better
    • Earn Back Abandoned Carts
    • Merchandise and Write Your Way to More Sales

Catch Part 3 of our 3 Part Blog Series on Monday to learn about BigCommerce’s updates to OmniChannel Marketplace & Enhanced Discount Messages.