This month we’d like to put the Partner Spotlight on Red Rook who handled the ERP integration for The Gaudy Boutique, a site of ours that launched earlier this month.

We sat down with Jason Burge, Executive Director, Strategic Partnerships at Red Rook to help us explain what they do, and what sets them apart from their competition.

EYStudios: What does Red Rook specialize in?

Jason: Red Rook solves our clients’ retail commerce challenges by providing unmatched services in consulting, technology, and platform integration. Our strong suit is really Omni-channel Retail Management Systems and integrated ecommerce, as well as platform systems integration. We’ve partnered with industry leaders NCR Counterpoint and Magento to create solutions that transform the way merchants grow their business and connect with their customers.

EYStudios: Is there a certain type of retailer you focus on?

Jason: Over the last decade, we’ve cast a wide net. Whether a client is selling to businesses (B2B) or to individual consumers (B2C) who shop via website, in-store, Amazon, Facebook, or a mobile device, our COMMERCE5 Order & Inventory Management solution ensures efficient order fulfillment, purchasing, real-time inventory, dashboard reporting, point-of-sale, and integration to existing accounting and CRM systems.

EYStudios: How long has Red Rook been around, and how many clients do you have now?

Jason: We were founded in 2001 and currently work with over 300 clients in 42 states and 5 countries, serving retail giants such as Goodwill, Spanx and Fujifilm, as well as non-profit leaders like Carnegie and The Guggenheim.


EYStudios: Those are some big names on your roster. How do you win clients like that?

Jason:  Our mission is to bring an innovative spirit and commitment to true win-win partnership in every relationship we forge. It’s not always easy, but when we can truly collaborate with our clients and partners, we find that the output is always greater than the investment. Ultimately, I think that’s what everyone wants in any endeavor. We know that whatever we do alone is nothing compared to what we can achieve together.

That is why we couldn’t have asked for a better partner in the ecommerce world than EYStudios. Not just a team of highly skilled professionals on the cutting edge of the industry, both in function and client branding, they also share our commitment to putting in more than you take out. We look forward to many more successful collaborations with their team in the future.

To learn more about how a partnership between EYStudios and Red Rook could benefit your business, reach out to one of our eCommerce Consultants today.