The holidays are a busy time for us all; preparing our businesses, seeking gifts for loved ones, budgeting, decorating and the list goes on.

To add to the seasonal chaos, the anxiety of not receiving gifts in time for the holidays is a situation no one wants to be in, the customer nor the merchant.

If possible, we recommend that merchants remove this layer of stress from customers by providing an “online shipping calendar” on their eCommerce storefront.

As pictured above, your online shipping calendar should clearly communicate “order by” dates for your shipping carriers to guarantee arrival for the holidays. Online shipping calendars can be teased on the homepage (or displayed in banner format) and then live on a holiday- specific shipping page. Remember to also make mention of “order by dates” on your item pages and checkout pages. While it may deter a few customers, it will encourage others to select the next highest shipping method, and will also help prevent unhappy customers that don’t get their orders in time for the holidays.

Not only will transparency around shipping dates help ease customer anxiety on the front end (and reduce needless calls to your already busy customer service team) but it will also help increase overall customer satisfaction, and perhaps even bring customers back in the future.

Cheers to the holiday season! May it be filled with lots and lots of gifts under your Christmas tree!

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