Protective Films manufacturer and design source Lamin-x has been a long time client of EYStudios as part of our ongoing support program, Runway. For years we’ve helped Lamin-x make updates and edits to their existing Volusion site.

Upon discovering that Volusion would be making updates to the platform that would not work with their custom template, they knew they’d be faced with reprograming their site. The question was, would they spend the time and money to stay on a limited platform OR would they use this challenge as an opportunity to make the move to Magento?

One of the biggest needs for the new site would be a much-improved mobile experience. With an ever-increasing mobile audience, the team at Lamin-x wanted to not just meet the needs of today’s customer base, but future-proof the site for this growing trend. The new Magento site boasts streamlined navigation, a mobile-friendly product finder and lightening-fast page loads that make the mobile experience just as fast and easy as the desktop experience.

Check out the new site for yourself at and don’t forget to get protective films for your favorite ride while you’re there.

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