After a great first day at Imagine 2018, the second day did not disappoint with loads of valuable content and lots of entertainment.

Our team attended a number of panels on the future of Magento and eCommerce, including Magento’s developments in order management, multi-source inventory, the PWA Studio, and the Page Builder.

The Magento Page Builder, expected for general release with version 2.3, is Magento’s complete retooling of the Bluefoot CMS tool they acquired and announced they would be building into the platform at last year’s Imagine conference. The wait has been long and it looks like it’s going to be worth it. The Page Builder is a drag and drop easy merchandising tool that allows customers to create simple content for their site without heavy development.


Multi-Source Inventory is an incredible initiative sparked by Magento and made possible by the community. MSI is a constant request of the merchant and development community, consistently seeing high rankings in wishlist polls and forums. This new feature, which will work seamlessly with Magento’s core functionality, has been built over the last year from the ground up with the full dedication of the Magento community of developers, a true collaboration between the platform and its users. For those of you that are new to the ecosytem, this is an excellent example of the passion and comradery we mentioned in yesterday’s blog.

As a side note…this is a request we get from our clients often, so we’re really excited to see how we can utilize this to allow our merchants to scale their business beyond a single point of inventory, to encompass multiple warehouses, dropshipping, and so on.


The sessions ended with the keynote everyone’s been waiting for – a fascinating, side-splittingly hilarious conversation between Jamie Foxx and Mark Lavelle.

They focused on having the confidence in yourself to Lead The Charge in your own career, using the tools you’ve been given from your family, education, experience, and personal research. And to innovate where no one else had before. Jamie calls himself the first user of social media promotion – back in his early stand up days, he’d collect phone numbers and pager numbers of his fans and personally call them to let them know where he was performing next. Jamie even used to perform A/B testing with his comedy to try jokes out on diverse types of audiences to cultivate the perfect hour of comedy to get everyone in the room laughing, making sure no one felt alienated or disinterested.


Jamie Foxx wasn’t the only one entertaining people, our CEO Eric Yonge shared his custom comic honoring Magento and Gary Spector on their commitment to EXTREME OWNERSHIP! Needless to say it got more than a few good chuckles and was the envy of Magento execs the world over.


Later that night we had the chance to thoroughly enjoy Magento’s Legendary Imagine Evening Event held at the Encore Beach Club.


We had great food, enjoyed great music and had a little too much fun in the photo booth.


For more highlights from the second day of Imagine – check out our video: