We kicked off the first day of Imagine with the Mobile & Millennials: Payments Best Practices breakfast, which is reported to be the most popular panel every year, and for good reason. The content was extremely valuable as the panel discussed a mobile-first approach when it comes to the checkout process, introducing and championing a separate mobile checkout experience. This experience would be optimized for the speed and ease-of-use people expect from mobile, instead of focusing on responsive design. Mind. Blown. This is the first time we’ve considered the mobile checkout experience from this vantage point and as a result our team left inspired with new ideas to bring back to our  our merchants.


After that, the first General Session / Keynote was excellent. All speeches followed the same “Lead the Charge” theme to great effect. The new MC this year is MageTalk host Phillip Jackson, who spoke with both humor and absolute compassion about working hard to lead the charge – even if it hurts, even if you don’t think you can make it to the finish line. Finding strength in your community (the Magento community) is critical to building a solid foundation for your own growth.

WOW – does that resonate with us. We’ve long felt that the passion and comradery of the Magento community is second to none and we love coming to Imagine to get re-inspired, re-energized and reconnected to take on another year in eCommerce.


Magento CEO Mark Lavelle’s speech was similarly moving, very prescient, very aware of what it means to be a leader, a game changer, an innovator, in the time that we’re in right now.

He spoke with passion about giving back, Magento donated $10,000 to the charity First Book on stage. He gave a few sneak peeks about the future of the platform, which will be revealed further detail during the conference. He spoke of Magento’s recently released mission statement, vision, and cornerstones, and encouraged us all to buy in to theirs and work up our own.


Back in the Sponsor Marketplace we had a great day of connecting with partners, merchants and our own clients, Katie and Matt Peglow from Adaptive Mall.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – we love getting facetime with the clients we get to serve every day!


For more highlights from the first day of Imagine – check out our video where CEO Eric Yonge makes the rounds and gets the scoop from our friends at Magento.