It’s a new year and there’s no better time to explore new avenues to increase conversions and AOV on your eCommerce site.

With shoppable video, marketing and sales intertwine allowing the viewer to shop the products marketed on the spot. A few big names such as Kate Spade, Ted Baker, and Puma have experienced an increase in conversion rates by utilizing shoppable videos. The ability to engage your target audience and convert new customers is guaranteed to increase your AOV by getting products in front of shoppers right where they’re at.

Video has proven to be an effective tool for targeting audiences. As a result, eCommerce stores are taking video a step further by creatively driving consumers to their checkout. Shoppable video is the bridge that allows viewers to become customers by simply clicking products embedded within the video.

For shoppable video to be an effective tool, creation is key. It is important marketers create lifestyle footage that appeals to the target audience. The use of lifestyle footage engages the viewer through the purchasing journey, increasing click rates on products.

Tools like Cinematique and TV Page give brands the ability to create touchable videos. These “touchpoints” allow companies to build an immersive experience and lead viewers to their products, fueling customer engagement.

With the ability to add external links to YouTube videos, it’s easier than ever to utilize your existing digital content to drive consumers to your site. Projections show that video traffic will be 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2021. As such, retailers have even more reason to pursue creating shoppable videos.

As a new year fastly approaches, closing the gap between marketing and sales is key for your eCommerce site. This unique marketing tool continues to gain traction from merchants providing instant access to purchasing products. Shoppable video could be a game changer for driving your sales in 2018.


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