Part 4: Changes to the Checkout

Rounding out the product updates was Paul Napper who talked about all things Checkout. Checkout API Schema is now available on request which is great news for developers everywhere. In case  you were wondering, the checkout API can be used when:

  • Creating the Cart
  • Add items to cart
  • Update quantities
  • Removing items from cart

Additionally, this new access to the API means greater ease when building a cart offsite and working with abandon cart savers. Coming down the road: the ability to support product modifiers.

What does timing look like on this?

  • Server to Server cart end-points: Targeting Mid June
  • Front end endpoints to follow

As you can see, LOTS of great things going on with BigCommerce right now! We look forward to the next Town Hall meeting and learning more about what this great platform has to offer.

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