Part 3: Customized Order Status & App Updates

After Product Updates, Jordan Sim talked about Customized Order Status. This was apparently the No. 1 idea on BigCommerce Ideas Forum – which means you asked, and they listened!








This functionality gives merchants the ability to customize existing order status labels. Areas where merchants will be able to display customized order statuses:

  • Control Panel
  • Storefront
  • Email Templates
  • Orders Export
  • Installed Apps

The best part is the first iteration of this will be available in June (this month!) to Merchants on ALL plans.

John Nichols was up next to talk about App Updates. BigCommerce is now offering support for new types of Apps. Private App support is actually available now and Connector App Support will have Beta available in early June.

There are also new apps in the App Showcase:

Lastly, BigCommerce announced a pretty cool Stencil Theme Update; 7 Stencil themes now allow for One-Page Optimized Checkout which allows for style customization. The 7  themes that are included: Cornerstone, Arcade, Chelsea, Foundry, Hero, Peak and Prosper.

Catch Part 4 of our 4 Part Blog Series on Friday to find out the latest on the changes to the BigCommerce Checkout.