Part 2: Product Updates

On the BigCommerce Town Hall webinar last week, we got some really interesting Product Updates. 

Rahul Pruthi talked about Amazon, eBay, Pinterest and Buy Buttons.

For their existing Amazon integration, BigCommerce will be launching new categories including:

  • Tools & Home Improvement
  • Animals & Pets
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Food & Beverage

Which means more opportunity for merchants who are already Amazon integrated or those who wanted to integrate but were unable to previously.

Aside from the new categories, UPC’s are now required to list from BigCommerce to Amazon and this is actually an existing requirement on the Amazon seller central.  The only exception is if you have a brand exemption of GTIN Exemption. Lastly, products with no inventory will no longer be blocked from listing


For the existing BigCommerce eBay integration, Big will now be pre-qualifying products that meet listing requirements. For merchants who haven’t started selling on eBay yet, Big will show you products that meet the requirements to sell on eBay. Except for:

  • Image requirements
  • eBay category specific requirements

Lastly, just like with Amazon, products with no inventory will no longer be blocked from listing. However, inventory tracking or default inventory still required.

Pinterest on BigCommerce has gotten even better. For merchants using Pinterest for the first time through BigCommerce, you’ll be able to:

  • Choose specific products
  • List products in bulk
  • See product listing errors
  • Override key product attributes such as price, description
  • Map BigCommerce Options to Size & Color


For merchants already using the Pinterest integration, you’ll have the ability to migrate from the old setup to the new one, if you’d like to do so.

Last but certainly not least is the availability of Buy Buttons. This new functionality will allow shoppers to buy individual products from your blog, website, emails and more! (How cool is that??) They can even be used when selling on other websites through ads.

Catch Part 3 of our 4 Part Blog Series on Thursday to find out about the latest with Customized Order Status and App Updates.