GeoTargeting – How does it benefit eCommerce retailers?

We’ve all heard of stores using geo-targeting to know when potential customers are near your brick-and-mortar location. But what if you’re not running a brick and mortar store?

You can still use GeoTargeting to benefit your customers, and you should definitely consider doing so in 2018.

  • Display free shipping banners or to location specific offers to certain customers
  • Change pricing, tax rate or language based on visitor country
  • Change product types based on visitor location

Displaying specialized messages per location can make all the difference in whether or not a user converts.


Pop-up Shops

A “pop-up shop” is when an online merchant sets up a temporary physical retail location. This unique tactic is usually employed as a means to support a sale, or clear out excess inventory.  Because the set-up is only temporary it creates interest and urgency in the minds of consumers who want to check it out before it’s gone.

For brands, pop-up shops present an opportunity to interact with consumers in a way they would be unable to through online-only channels.

Consider where you might create a pop-up shop for our own brand and how you might benefit from it in the future. You may be able to expand your audience, improve on existing relationships with current customers and you may even learn something from it that you never would have gotten from online-only customer interactions.



We all think of personalization and think of those cross-sells we see on Amazon…

“Frequently bought together” OR “Customers who bought this item also bought”

But the consumer of the future will expect very specific recommendations based on their preferences and what they’ve purchased previously.

I was stunned when after purchasing maternity clothes from the same website for months, they never once sent me any information about baby clothes. Opportunity missed.

The information that returning customers give you is a gift, don’t waste it.


Same-Day Shipping

With the rise of popularity with services like InstaCart and PrimeNow, there’s no question consumers want their stuff and they want it now.

“Same-day delivery has the potential to fundamentally change the way we shop. It integrates the convenience of online retail with the immediacy of bricks-and-mortar stores.”
– McKinsey & Company

But what does it take to get it done?

  1. The products need to be locally available.
  2. Retailers need to have a real-time overview of their inventories
  3. Picking and Packing processes need to be fast
  4. Last mile delivery needs to be flexible enough to pick up and deliver orders multiple times throughout the day.

If logistically you’re not able to take on same-day delivery for your store, then let your goal to be to get as close to it as possible. Maybe you offer two-day shipping? Or provide your customers overnight options?

The key takeaway here is fast shipping.


More subscription box models

The subscription model is one we’re all familiar with. Whether it be the old-school magazine subscription or if you currently “Subscribe & Save” on Amazon, you’re familiar with the concept.

They’re increasing in popularity because:

  1. People know they’ll get the items they need on a consistent basis without having to remember to reorder them.
  2. There is often a cost savings associated with signing up for a subscription model.

If you sell a consumable product, consider introducing a subscription model to your store. Your customer retention will be much higher over the long haul.


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