This week EYStudios launched Mahogany Smoked Meats’ new website on the BigCommerce platform.

The goal of this project was to move Mahogany Smoked Meats off their current platform and onto BigCommerce.

“They needed a platform that offered more updates, and is ultimately more scalable for their business,” said Ali Hyduke, the eCommerce Consultant on the project.

During the migration, the EY team worked to give the site an updated, timeless design, while keeping the original feel of the brand. “We wanted something that would grow with their business but that was true to who their company is,” Ali explained. “They loved our designs and trusted us to create a unique user experience.”

“Something that really took the aesthetic of the site to the next level was the updated product photography,” said Caitlin Burge, EYStudios’ Project Manager. “We referred the Mahogany Smoked Meats team to an Atlanta- based food photographer, and their shots made all the difference.”

“I can’t believe how good that [the site] turned out,” Brandon Mojarro, VP of MSM stated.

The main priority of the EYStudios team was to give MSM a backend that was more user friendly, and a site they actually enjoyed working on. “The BigCommerce backend was a huge improvement from how they were managing their store previously,” Ali said.

Caitlin said, “Brandon was a joy to work with, and we’re excited to see how well the new site performs.”

To check out their new and improved site for yourself, click here.  While you’re there, order some of their famous smoked meats.