Project Notes

Rooted in the fast paced world of pop-culture, Stylin Online leaned on EYStudios to help create a marketing plan that could capitalize on all the latest industry trends.


Stylin Online is a superstore for apparel and accessories that proclaim pop culture passions. Any customer can choose from thousands of designs related to their favorite superhero, movie, TV series, or video game, and show their styles out.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge Stylin was facing was a two-part issue. Maintaining an updated marketing plan to keep up with the trends and upcoming events of various TV series, movies, etc alongside optimizing a PPC strategy to increase traffic on the site.

Our Creative Solution

Not only did we come up with a solid marketing plan that focuses on sales on premiere movie dates, video game releases, and new seasons of TV shows, we have taken over their PPC Marketing that is also centered around the marketing plan that further optimizes SEO for sale dates.

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