Project Notes

Looking to find the balance between effective branding and on-site usability, see how District Cutlery blended the two to get great results!


The gold standard of knife sharpening when it comes to performance, customer service and value, District Cutlery is the only premium knife and cutlery store in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Since 2012, it has been trusted by renowned chefs like José Andrés, Aaron Silverman, Erik Bruner-Yang, Spike Gjerde, serious home cooks and outdoor enthusiasts. A quality knife will last for generations. Choose the right one, and it’ll be your trusty companion for a long time.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge the site was encountering was finding an optimal split between showing what unique knives and services they have to offer and a user experience that will tell the entire story of District Cutlery origins.

Our Creative Solution

EYStudios built District Cutlery a brand new homepage that focused on the customers UX/UI experience alongside creating unique landing pages for their top level categories to show the product better. Not only this, but we designed and developed a new mega menu as well that promotes some of the best cutlery District Cutlery has to offer.

By The Numbers

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