Project Notes

After launching their new site on Magento 2 Cloud, Marine Engine Parts continued their relationship with EYStudios to further build out and optimize their site.

About (MEP) is owned by the parent company Lighthouse Marine Supply. They are the 30+ year industry expert and your go to source for exhaust manifolds, risers, heat exchangers, water pumps, starters, alternators, tune up parts and other maintenance items.

The Challenge

After completing their initial goal of updating their brand and user experience, while migrating to a sustainable platform that was able to integrate with NCR Counterpoint, MEP was ready to further fine tune their site and set new goals. With the initial site build complete, the focus was now on improving the sales funnel to get more people to, and through, the checkout.

Our Creative Solution

A plan was put in place between the MEP team and their EY Digital Account Manager to begin optimizing the customer journey on the site. The first step was to make usability changes to the homepage that would allow for users to more easily find what they are looking for. These changes were uncovered during additional exploratory QA and UAT on the site. Additionally, updates were made to the product pages that allowed items commonly bought together to be highlighted. This resulted in an increase in overall average order volume. Updates were also made to the cart and checkout to allow for an easier, more intuitive process to complete the sale. The results of these continued enhancements have been really encouraging and are a testament to the great work and communication by both teams.

By The Numbers


Online Revenue YTD


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“When we first spoke with EY, they told us that if they were chosen they would become a member of our staff and work on the teamjust as hard as the rest of us. Truer words were never spoken.”

– Greg Scholand, Marine Engine Parts

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