Project Notes

PTouch Direct learns the importance of having an enclosed cart/checkout to decrease distractions and increase conversions.


PTouch Direct are experts in the label industry and when you shop at, the customer will find brand name label supplies from the industry's top names - at great prices. They've made it easier than ever to find the labels or printer that's right for the customer. PtouchDirect has been shipping labels and printers since 2005. PTouch Direct is a family-owned business that knows what they sell, loves what they sell, and are 100% committed to doing it right, every day for their customers.

The Challenge

When PTouch Direct came to the EYStudios Runway team, their goal was to minimize the distractions within their cart and checkout pages. They wanted to keep the customers focused on the end goal - purchasing. The overall customer journey needed to be updated and made visually appealing.

Our Creative Solution

The Runway team met with the client several times to discuss their business goals and how they wanted to structure their customer journey through the cart and checkout process. Our design team was able to create a new ‘enclosed’ cart/checkout layout for them. An enclosed cart/checkout means that there are no redirecting links shown on that page. The site previously had a lot of redirecting footer links, header links, and a newsletter signup portal. The goal is to keep the customer focused on checking out and following through with the purchasing process. Our team also gave the cart & checkout pages a creative refresh and updated the design with a more visually pleasing layout. Overall, the client has already seen an improvement in the conversion rate and overall revenue. As we continue to work with this client, our Digital Account Manager will recommend making additional updates to their site and positively impacting their eCommerce presence.

By The Numbers




Conversion Rate



Analytics Calculated Month Over Month

“Our cart and checkout updates have only been live for one month and while that’s a quick snapshot – we’re excited by what we’re seeing.”

– Bryan Lewis, Owner, PTouch Direct

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