Project Notes

The automotive industry thrives on customers being able to find the exact right part they need. See how EY helped Partsology improve upon that process for their customers.


Partsology is an authorized DNJ retailer. They take pride in providing their customers with fast delivery, excellent customer service, and quality parts.

The Challenge

To help customers find the parts they are specifically looking for. They have a lot of parts on the website and it can get very confusing to a customer who is new to the site.

Our Creative Solution

EYStudios helped Partsology by implementing a new product finder on their site to make it easy for new customer/ returning customer find their specific part that they need. The product finder we implemented gets specific to the customer's car: Make, Year, Model, Engine. Then we ask for a specific "Part Type" that the customer can choose, from there we send them straight to the product page, making it extremely easy for the customer to find their specific part. Knowing that the customers would be landing on product pages, we also optimized their product page to help the customer through the buying process.

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