Project Notes

Using industry best practices, see how the Runway team designed and developed a new homepage and category page to improve Pacific Northwest Wines' site experience!

About is a subscription and membership only wine club thats facilitates access to the wonderful world of wines of the Pacific Northwest. This new winery offers delightful artisanal wines to help you discover new wines. Their goal is for you to love each and every bottle you receive. As your taste evolves, you track those changes in your virtual cellar and they are applied to future recommendations – ensuring you always have something to look forward to.

The Challenge

The client’s challenge was to have the site not only appeal to customers but also new wineries that would be interested in selling their wines on the website. This would require a specific design to create the perfect user experience for each user.

Our Creative Solution

EYStudios met with the client several times to understand the vision they wanted. The Runway team took their needs and used industry best practices that work well with the wine industry. The team created three different mock-ups, each showcasing a different approach to the solution. This allowed the Digital Account Manager to have a meaningful discussion with the client so they could make an educated decision regarding the mock-up. Once the client approved one of the designs, we then worked with our development team on the implementation process. With the new homepage and category page implemented, the Digital Account Manager will not review the data overtime to help recommend any improvements needed to make the pages more effective.

“Working with EYStudios has been great. They keep to schedule and budget as requested and have kept me informed of progress as well as coordinate activities with multiple vendors. Previously I had attempted to manage the site development and offshore team. Working with EYStudios has cleared me to focus on strategic planning for our business during these uncertain months.”

– Tamara Escamilla, Founder, Pacific Northwest Wines

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