Project Notes

See how a re-branding and merchandising overhaul helped The Builder Depot outpace the competition.


Builder Depot is known for offering extremely high-quality tiles and mosaics at amazing prices. By skipping the usual distribution channels, they pass on the savings to their loyal customer base. Adding an impressive knowledge base and dedicated customer service, Builder Depot easily separates itself from their big brand competition.

The Challenge

Builder Depot’s site design was in dire need of an updated aesthetic. The brand needed to convey the ease and friendliness they’ve become associated with, but it also needed a look that projected reliability and prestige. All of their customers have an eye for detail, since they’re purchasing products they would see and interact with every day. The new design had to communicate large ideas around quality and service, yet still deliver accessibility and warmth.

Our Creative Solution

EYStudios began by updating Builder Depot’s logo. We made it instantly recognizable to existing customers, while updating it with some modernized tweaks. Our approach was built largely on flattering the product itself. Since the tiles on the site are either bright or neutral, we reduced any areas of color to make the items stand out. We injected an updated color scheme to intuitively and emotionally carry the customer through the shopping funnel. Merchandising that had been murky before now had a fresh and inviting appeal – evocative of the environments customers had in mind for Builder Depot’s products.

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