Lamin-X Protects Their Business by Moving to Magento

Protective Films manufacturer and design source Lamin-x has been a long time client of EYStudios as part of our ongoing support program, Runway. For years we’ve helped Lamin-x make updates and edits to their existing Volusion site. Upon discovering that Volusion would be making updates to the platform that would not work with their custom […]

Rates of Returns: Managing the process and protecting profits while your business grows

In eCommerce, it’s no longer just about the shopping experience your store provides, but also the returns experience. But the landscape is overwhelming – • What should your returns policy be? • How can you make sure you still turn a profit? • How do you manage the process internally? In our On-Demand Webinar with […]

The Supreme Court Tax Ruling: What’s Next for Your Store?

Did you have a chance to listen to our podcast with Dave Pelton of Vertex? If not, you can read the whole thing here: Meagan Bryson:               Hi everyone and welcome to another episode of EY Access. I’m your host for today, Meagan Bryson, and I’m filling in for Eric Young, joined today by Dave Felten […]

Magento Imagine 2018: Day 2 Recap

After a great first day at Imagine 2018, the second day did not disappoint with loads of valuable content and lots of entertainment. Our team attended a number of panels on the future of Magento and eCommerce, including Magento’s developments in order management, multi-source inventory, the PWA Studio, and the Page Builder. The Magento Page […]