Bug-Out Business: Surviving eCommerce Platform Disasters

Recently, Shopify decided to ban merchants from selling firearms and gun accessories. I’m not going to use this space to debate the legal and ethical issues around selling guns on the internet.  I won’t comment whatsoever on a company entering the political hornet’s nest. And, I can’t even begin to speculate on the next industry that could be […]

The Big Move: BigCommerce + WordPress

Last month, BigCommerce announced it’s full-featured integration for WordPress to bring a “best of both worlds” approach to content and commerce. Pardon the pun, but this is a big move. Folks, a third of the entire internet is based on WordPress. Read that again, slowly. That’s over 20 million websites. Now consider that WordPress owns almost 60% of the world’s CMS (content management system) market. […]

Adobe Acquired Magento: What’s next?

In 2016, Salesforce acquired Demandware for the lofty sum of $2.8 billion. This week it was announced that Adobe acquired Magento for $1.8 billion. eCommerce represented a giant gaping hole in the strategies of both Salesforce and Adobe, who are bitter rivals on the world’s marketing stage. Both companies offer management tools to businesses that […]