Gone are the days of having to trudge to the grocery store to get what you need for the week. Online grocery shopping is booming with 25% of households currently ordering their groceries online and services like Kroger’s ClickList, Instacart and AmazonFresh are regular household names. It shows no sign of slowing either, as the online grocery shopping market is expected to increase 5 fold in the next 10 years.

With the rise of this trend it’s easy to see that consumers have no fear ordering food online. Whether it be their weekly groceries, gourmet beef jerky, or the world’s freshest seafood, consumers are ordering all kinds of edibles online.

But running an online store is very different than running a brick-and-mortar store, and if people can’t use their senses to touch, see, and smell their food, how would you ever sell it online?

We’ve pulled together what we’ve learned in the online grocery industry to create this Food & Beverage Business Owner Guide.

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